Friday, June 09, 2006

Relax at McDonalds

I go to McDonalds for two reasons ONLY:
1. Diet Coke
2. Clean Bathrooms

Check it out: McDonalds is not only offering their special menu of fancy items like Asian Chicken Salad (this does not make any sense to offer an Asian Chicken Salad at McD's) but they have upgraded their look, much to the chagrin of the franchise owners. Now when I go and get my Diet Coke (large of course) I can feel fancy...

They are going for the Starbucks demographic. They want people to linger and spend time inside McDonalds. Ok, first problem...if you spend time in Starbucks for any length of time, the worst you will smell is like spilled milk - maybe...but spend more than 10 minutes in a McDonalds and you smell like a combo of fry grease and cheese....Yum.

Side note: If they dare change the recipe of their Diet Coke I will go straight to Ronald McDonald and bop him on the head. Doesn't McDonalds have the best Diet Coke nation-wide? Never a bad cup.

Read all about it at Business Week Online

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