Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Profile Picture - You choose

Choose my new profile pic:


Anonymous said...

I love numero uno, it's very poetic!

Rowan said...

I'd have to agree with Plods, it is poetic and classy - the others are nice, this one just has that touch more.

CP said...

I am a BBW too, larger than life with more cushion for the pushin' too, babe. I love the first picture too, BUT...being a devoted Barbie collector AND a fat chick, I kinda have a little underdog affection for the fat Barbie.

But yeah, the first one really got my attention. I am working on making fat the last acceptable prejudice as well. I do that by proudly proclaiming myself the ultimate sexy fat girl. *LOL*

Nice to meet you!!!

I'm book markin' your fat ass for frequent flyer miles! Heh.


daisyk said...

#3, please. her ass is great, she's in her window, naked for all to see -- who's looking at whom???