Friday, June 09, 2006

Missin the Boat

The Ship Has Sailed

Well friends, looks like I missed the boat again...damn! I slightly missed the dot-com boom, even though I worked at a dot-com, I have 10,000 shares of nothing to show for it. And on Friday I had been invited to interview for the site Popsugar. After perusing their site for a long time, I came upon their section, Dear Sugar, and was mortified. The celebrity news section was one of my favorite places on the web, but this Dear Saccharin part just blew me out. I hope it is written by someone other than the celeb writer because it is embarrasing.

Check out the letter that required me to turn down the interview:

Dear Sugar
I wear a size 0 in jeans and having a hard time finding jeans that fit my body type. I am 5′0 feet tall and weigh 110. I have full hips, a full butt and a tiny waist and I am having a difficult time fitting into regular jeans. Any recommendations? Jean Queen
Click here to find out the response:

Size O and Can't Find the Right Jeans

Now, as you all know, Fatty cannot stand by and promote this size 0 nonsense.

Well, much to my chagrin, the San Francisco Chronicle has done an article about the people that started this site and all of their plans for success. I looked more deeply into their backgrounds and I'm pretty sure this will be the next "big" thing. I could've been a part of it...I guess I could have ignored the Size 0 stuff, but I'm not sure how.

Read the SF Chronicle article and enjoy my mistake...
Fatty's Missed Opportunity
It does sting!

But let's dwelve a little deeper since you know me for my honesty. I think I was also looking for any excuse to get out of this opportunity. I was scared. These people seem to have such a fabulous life and I felt inadequate. Too fat, too poor, too uncool, not size 0. When I came across the note about size 0 and others like it, that was enough for me. If somebody wrote me a letter like that it would go something like this:

Dear Snarky,
I'm a Size 0 and can't find jeans that fit. What do you suggest?

Dear Skeletor,
I suggest you call up an eating disorders clinic and check yourself in right away. On your way there, have a cake.

Much Love,
Fatty the Snark
I enjoy writing and feel as if I have a voice to be heard. I know this voice is not to be heard among the Nicole, Paris and Lindsay wanna-be's. So, that is that...Many of you may not understand my decision nor my insecurity...but that is what makes Fatty the Love of Your Life!


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