Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fatty Returns

Hello faithful friends,

I have returned. I had to move my blog to a new address, partly because the old name kept getting confused with a word that sounds like "itch" but starts with "b" and frankly that is not the message I was hoping to send.

As you may already know I've been going through a sad time lately. I'm overburdened by this weight and my inability to start on any kind of weight loss effort. I used to say to myself in OA and FA that if I relapsed I didn't think I'd have another recovery in me. Well this is proving to be true.

I am stuck. I know some of the greatest thinkers in our history have been "stuck" at times. I've been reminded countless times about Thomas Edison and his damn lightbulb..."you know, Thomas Edison tried 1000 times before he got the filament right for the light bulb"....I'm not trying to create a lightbulb here. I'm trying to find hope to continue.

It's hard in this body. I feel most comfortable when I'm sleeping (in a lazyboy chair) and watching TV. I immediately am reminded of my girth as soon as I go out into the world by the pain in my back and knees. In another post I wrote about the strategies of going out into the world and the grocery store strategy. I only have about 7 minutes of operating time before the back starts to tell me I'm too fat.

Roger that!

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