Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nestle to buy fat buster Jenny Craig

This is just so typical of big business. Nestle, the maker of all things bingeable buys Jenny Craig who has claimed that they help people lose weight. They never helped me- you an believe that. My experience at Jenny Craig was stupid. I was 22 and I asked my dad (absent father, compulsive gambler), who at the time had just won big at the races, to help me finance Jenny Craig. I begged him and told him that this would be it. This time it would really work.

In my family you have to act fast if it involves money. If you don't take the money today, it most definitely will be gone tomorrow. So dear ol' dad sends me some moolah to go to Jenny. I go in and they set me up with all this paper food. Of course my favorite was the mac n cheese and the french toast. I ate all of the week's food in 2 days. When I went back to Jenny Craig for my "counseling appt", there was a girl in a white coat (implying that she had some kind of knowledge in nutritional arts) who sat me down and tried to tell me if I took Jenny's new vitamin concoction it would help me.

I left after that and never returned. Fuck Jenny!

That was just one of the escapades I had in the diet business. But I think it is really fucked that Nestle would own Jenny Craig. I think its fucked that Monsanto tries to sell the world on its vision of "helping" the world with their genetically manufactured seeds and putting the family farmer out of business and killing all of us with their chemicals.

I blame the last 8 years of horror in our government for the escalation of all this madness. I know corporations have been doing fucked up things far longer than I've even been alive, but this Nestle thing just bugged the crap out of me.

I usually don't get so political. Go see the Al Gore movie, dammit!

You owe it to yourselves to know the truth.


Rowan said...

Rock on with that comment! I had a similar experience with Jenny/Mom's money. Ugh. What a waste.
I try to steer clear of political stuff too - living with a Libertarian makes me crazy enough!
I'm with you on the Monsanto thing.
If you really want to stay p'od for a long time check out "Marketing Maddness", "Dumbing Us Down" or "Amusing Ourselves to Death" interesting stuff.

Lori said...

The next time you're at the grocery store, look at those Women's Day or Family Circle. They'll have a big old cake, cookies, or something fattening on the cover and then as a sidebar, "lost 10 pounds just by cleaning out your closet!"

As for politics; Clinton's impeachment was the start of the end of my marriage; I couldn't take listening to him rant about the Republicans. I agreed with him but hey, what could I do?

You should go to the washingtonpost.com site and read this week's cover story about a man whose son was killed in Iraq b/c of a lack of body armour/vehicle armour. His son's captain was a West Point cadet trained at a cost of $400,000 bled to death in the same fight for lack of a $20 tourniquet. It's a good story and sums up our government.

Rowan said...

I was just thinking the same thing the other day about television advertising. We get bombarded with these ads that show greasy, fried, heart-attack foods and then in the next breath someone on the Today Show is telling us how to lose weight, or what to eat.
I think the term is schizophrenic nation?
Jay Leno did a joke about the Nestle/Jenny Craig thing last night and noone got it, except me, I was laughing. If it hadn't been for you Michele, I wouldn't have known so thank you!
I do think it is ridiculous. Probaby Nestle is banking on being able to supply Jenny with all their "paper food" needs in the future. Yech.
I am going to make sure I tell everyone I know about this; hopefully word of mouth will have the slow effect of putting Jenny out of business...I can hope can't I?
Thanks for stopping by my blog Michele and for your kind words. It is always nice to meet kindred spirits in the wild wild web!