Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahh, my computer. The little guy has seen its better days. It is so bogged down and needs a spiffy sibling to help me do my thang! He's been an old friend to me for many moons, but I never had to use it as my main man...usually I had jobs which gave me spiffy computers to use.

Fatty's wish is to have this computer:


So, if anyone wants to contribute to the Fatty Fund, send your inquiries my way.

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BUPHIE said...

Hey Fatty,
that's what I call my sister! (In a nice way) We get along like cake and whipped cream!
you commented on her blog...
I think it's great that you are de-sensitising the word "Fatty"
I like the word and it should be used more often!
I think you should be happy with the way you are and just eat whatever you feel like! who cares whats on the outside, It's what's on the inside that counts!!
I'm sure u are a beautiful person!
Can We know more about you?
you sound like so much fun!
If you wanna know about me my blog is at:

Thanks for your inspiration!
Buffy xoxox
p.s: I'm random -you are warned :oP