Sunday, June 18, 2006


<----DANE COOK (a sexy comedian which is usually an oxymoron, but seriously this guy makes my mouth water).

I haven't been too inspired to write today, but I have been laughing alot since I am watching alot of comedians. I wanted to point out a few to you so you can make sure to see them if they come to a town near you or you have Tivo and you can put them on your wishlist:

Bobby Lee
Louis CK - has a new HBO show "Lucky Louie"
Jim Norton - crass and awful but makes me laugh anyway
Dane Cook - hot and funny (HBO show Tourgasm)
Kathy Griffin - my wannabe BFF (seen her live and it's a MUST)
Dana Gould - he's writing for the Simpsons now, but he still does a little standup

That's enough to get you started. Let me know how it goes.

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Rowan said...

I saw Dane for the first time by accident on
I love that website. I couldn't believe I got to watch him for 20 minutes for FREE. He's awesome and a total hottie!