Saturday, June 17, 2006

Feeders and Gainers

I never knew about this fetish circle called "feeders and gainers" until I gave a ride to someone to an OA meeting. She was a newcomer and came in around 3 and some change. She unfortunately had stubble on her face because, as she said, she'd been shaving for years. Unfortunate.

Anyway, she was telling me all about this feeder and gainer thing. I had never heard anything so sick in my life. Well, now there's a damn movie about it at the festival. Check it out:

Feed is a crime movie that delves into the underbelly of "feeders" and "gainers." It was like the most perverse episode of "CSI" ever with its love of obscure fetishes and subcultures. Feed follows an Australian cop as he pursues a buff and blond psychopath whose mommy issues lead him to seek out large and lovely ladies. The "gainers" languish in bed in all their enormous naked glory waiting for their feeder to show up and hand feed them burgers and donuts and high-calorie shakes.


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Anonymous said...

yup i saw the movie! i was highly amused at the teribble american accents the aussie actors used!
i actually had a nightmare after watching this film - i was begging my boyfriend to "FEED ME" and it was horrid.