Friday, July 14, 2006


Here are some diddies that were collected from the Overeaters Anonymous convention held here last week:


Ruth's prayers:
May God hold me in the teacup of his hands.

The love of God enfolds me,
The light of God surrounds me,
The power of God protects me. (like a mosquito netting)
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is.

Send me the sun to warm me,
The moon to charm me,
A heavenly angel to slay all that would harm me,
God, hold me in the teacup of your arms.


Every day is STEP ONE.

We're all here, because we're not all there.

Abstinence is the goal.
The food plan is the tool.

Win with the stickers.
Stick with the winners.


This disease wants to kill us every single day either through negative thinking or with food.

Abstain from certain foods AND behaviors.

I can use my black & white thinking when it comes to abstinence.

My abstinence does not change, but my thinking and feelings do.

Wanting to change is the same thing as not willing to change if not accompanied by taking any new actions.

When I think. "I want to eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want" it is listening to the disease spoken to me in my own voice.

A "nice" meal will not help me.

Success takes the CONTINUAL work of seeing causes and conditions to improve my spiritual condition.

Why am I more scared to be hungry than to be fat?

Being IN MEETINGS does not mean I'm IN RECOVERY.

Compulsive Overeating is a disease like Cancer.
For Cancer, Chemo is the tool of recovery.
For Compulsive Overeating we have our tools, which are way easier to take than Chemo.

I needed stubborn ACTION BEFORE willingness hit me.

"Wisdom to know the difference" means:
Who I go to ask for help, when I need help.

Can you be abstinent if your gaining weight?

Projections: What you plan to eat
Actuals: What you did eat

On Hope:

I couldn't eat what I had planned even for one day.

I heard that they lost 100 lbs and kept it off for many years.
I needed this evidence to have hope and I got it in OA.

I get "experience" from other people. I get hope when I experience it myself.

Proceeding in pain,
Nothing else is left,
Then hope comes in.

It works if you go to the wire for it to work.

Being fat was the biggest thing in my life. I had been in pain for many years, what's a little pain now to get relief, compared to that?

It's not true that I didn't have a higher Power, it was food.
Now I can substitute another, better HP for food.
The God of my MIS-understanding is food.

On Fear:

"It's ironic to have to have an extremely fearful person talk about overcoming fear, but that's what this program has done for me."

Rage means that I am being fearful. I go right past fear and into rage when I am being threatened, or think I am being threatened.

When our basic instincts are not being met, we go right to fear and it is the basis of our defects. Fear then makes more defects come out. "Self centered fear is the chief motivator of our defects." (from the AA 12 x 12)

Fear is the future not going my way. Losing or not getting something I want or need.

The opposite of fear is love and faith.

I need God to overcome fear.

Wrap it up in a package and give it to God. God will take whatever I give him.
God won't give me more than I can handle.

This too shall pass.


CP said...

You know, the words...they are so easy to say. They are comforting, certainly, but they are easy.

It is formulating those words into a plan of action that is so so so hard.

I have tried and failed more times than I care to remember. But, it is in the fact that we continue to fight that makes us wonders in God's eyes.


Cindy184 said...

What a great collection of words. What a great blog! I hunt for bits of inspiration every day, this being day three for me. I feel I have nothing all by myself but with a group I have a whole lot of hope.