Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's time to Rally The Troops Again

Well friends its time to rally the troops again. Our friends over at have been bamboozled by Tucker Max. This guy supposedly bashed them for their site which is quite delightful and really rattled alot of cages. I read alot of the messages on Tuck's ol message board and became inspired to write the following:

Hopefully, you will feel compelled to do the same:

Tucker and Friends,
Are you guys seriously bashing fat people feeling a little positive about themselves. Are you really giving fat people dieting advice? Are you really that mean? You have no idea how damaging your words can be.

Let me pose this to you: If someone were to follow your advice...and they lose over 50 lbs, 100 lbs, etc., would you accept them? Would you stand and cheer for them because they did what you suggested--what you recommended -- what you deem is right and just? Or would you see this person and their imperfect body albeit thin body, but imperfect, with loose skin and possibly a little embarrassment and shame thrown in the mix, and judge them?

Would you date a woman who had lost alot of weight? After all, it is your advice that we're all supposed to follow, right?

The world despises fat people. That's a given fact. The fat person themselves usually isn't a big fan of themselves either. It is healthier to be in a trim body. It is a wish of every fat person to be in a trimmer body so they can participate in life as you all do. You enjoy even the simplest things that fat people cannot.

And I know you say to yourselves in a just and righteous way: Damn right I enjoy my life and you fatties should just get on the treadmill and put down the fork! I don't know if I could ever demand a society of people to do something that with all the reports out there seem impossible to do. The right wing is full of Born Again Christians that are denouncing their homosexuality because the Bible says its wrong. We all know that if someone is homosexual, they really can't change that.

Don't misunderstand me; in a way the obese are lucky. We have a chance to change ourselves physically. We get the opportunity to build an internal life that is rich in texture because our outside life is limited not only by mobility but by society's disdain for us.

I'm not looking for sympathy and I wouldn't venture to change your viewpoints, but I wanted to place a sane and simple post to your forum because it seems your voices speak loudly here and I want to yell too.

I would like to just go off on you and your name "Tucker" and how ridiculous and similar it is to Tucker Carlson and how you must be a right wing homophobic asschunk, but I think I made my point.

Good night, and Good Luck.

By the way, you seem to be very concerned about the well-being of society, and I wanted to let you all know that in Darfur and Sudan people are dying everyday. Maybe you could focus all your forceful energy over there and find a solution for them.


daisyk said...

God, what a VILE site that is. Another thing to toss at them:

"Hoebel, a psychology professor at Princeton University, has shown that in rats, sugar can affect the brain in some of the same ways as drugs like cocaine and heroin--increasing levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine and decreasing levels of acetylcholine--and can cause some of the same chemical withdrawal symptoms as addictive drugs."

I don't remember any more what the source of that it, but there was an article about Heobel's work in Psychology Today as well.

But mostly, F, these guys are simply clods. That's why I'm letting you decide whether you want to rebutt the it's-not-like-heroine argument the shitheads use.


Michelle said...


jen said...

I'm not sure that people like that are worth the time: "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
George Bernard Shaw

Michelle said...

Hey Ms. Michele you changed your picture again. Your neice is so cute!!!
Jen~ I like that quote.

buddha_girl said... said 'asschunk.'

I've read his stuff. He is truly one of the most vile, antagonistic, hurtful, ARROGANT bastards walking the earth.

Let him rot. Any self-respecting human would not jump on his little coattails. Ack!

CP said...

You know, I stopped fighting people like Tucker a long time ago. This is obviously a little man with many "shortcomings" and he is trying to feel good about himself by insulting others. You aren't going to change someones mind when they are so narrow. I've met more than my share of Tuckers in my life. To fight with them only wastes my life and my time. I prefer to keep it light, keep it positive and keep Tuckers at arms length from me.

I might eat the little fucker if I get involved.

With a side of fava beans and a nice chianti.


CP said...


I just went over there to read a few messages. Two pages worth actually.

I have some advice for you.

Please. Stay away from that forum. Those are very bitter, ugly and angry people. They say and do hateful things in the name of "help". This cannot be good for your psyche at all. I know it made me wince, reading how hateful some people are.

You will not win against that type of mentality. Stay away from there. It is dangerous to your mental health and happiness.


Anonymous said...

Tucker must really be hurtin' for material if he's picked such an easy target as the overweight.

Hurting for material, or he's finally reached the stage of alcoholism where the brain starts to go and creativity and narrative become a struggle....